A boutique strategy advisory focused on digital health and innovation, specializing in helping multi sided platforms succeed and scale 

What Makes Summit Health Different

Our view on growth, markets, strategy, and innovation

The first objective of everyone in healthcare should be to help achieve the Triple Aim - improve the patient care experience, improve the health of populations, and reduce healthcare costs. That objective is noble, and Summit Health is interested in working with people and organizations who put those goals first.


For digital health founders and investors…

While we focus on the Triple Aim, we know investors who put their capital to work in this endeavor want a return. Value creation for investors comes in the form of growth, an attractive market, and a defensible model. Without growth, there’s no opportunity for return. If the market isn’t large enough, or the problem is not painful enough, the reward is likely not worth the risk. Without a strategy that creates a sustained competitive advantage, fast followers will commoditize the market. 


For established healthcare organizations

Leadership teams running established organizations in healthcare face a rapidly evolving market, competitive and regulatory landscape. Keeping up can be challenging. Even more difficult? Figuring out what the signal is amidst the noise. 


We’re here to help. We are enmeshed in the digital health ecosystem, and yet our backgrounds are in innovation and strategy within health systems, pharmacies, payers, and established technology incumbents. If a leadership team is trying to introduce innovation into its system, we can help. Whether it’s about achieving incremental innovation by driving process improvement or breakthrough innovation, we have experience developing an innovation strategy and agenda, building the infrastructure and governance process to support it, and executing on the initiatives to drive change.


These pieces together form the basis of how Summit Health thinks about strategy. 


We understand the good, the bad and the ugly parts of healthcare (and platforms especially)

Our team has senior leadership experience across different domains of healthcare, from healthcare technology to health systems, payers to pharmacy benefit managers, post-acute to pharmacy. If we aren’t experts in what your needs are, we’ll do our best to connect you with someone who is. 


We also have extensive operator experience in building and scaling network effects-driven platforms in healthcare, and specialize in helping firms bring these solutions to market. 

Which positions us to help companies grow rapidly, scale sustainably, and achieve a durable competitive advantage 

Healthcare is different. It collectively represents 20% of the U.S. GDP, but is often better characterized by  Jonathan Bush’s statement ““Healthcare isn’t a four trillion-dollar market. It’s thousands of billion-dollar markets.”


We know each market has its own nuances: financing, payment system, cost structures, operating and clinical models, technology, and workflows. 


Whether you’re looking to disrupt the system or innovate from within, we can help.

We bring value, not deliverables

Most of our clients have worked with consultants before. They’ve invested time aligning on project scope and metrics of success, and received a beautiful slide deck. And then have seen that slide deck sit on someone’s desk for months or years without successful implementation. 


Our experience is that this happens all too often; project deliverables often don’t create  the desired shareholder value. We work closely with senior leaders and their teams on all aspects of our engagements, adapting how we engage to meet our partners’ needs, to ensure we are continuously providing value. 


We have a different engagement model to align interests and build trusting relationships

Projects inherently make relationships feel transactional, where everybody is rushing toward an artificial end point. And, if conditions change in the middle of the journey, as they so often do, it complicates things. 


We believe successful partnerships are more important than arbitrary endpoints, so we structure our engagements to always place our partners’ needs (which can and do evolve) first. 


Our name is Summit Health, but in many respects we view our role as porters helping to carry the load for our intrepid partners and ensuring they reach the peaks of their own journeys.


Curious? Contact us or schedule time with one of us and we’ll be pleased to share more.